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QUIZ: Plan Your Dream Vacation, and We’ll Pick a Dog to Join You!

August 7, 2018

Summertime is the perfect time to take a vacation! So why not bring a cute pup with you on your trip? Even if you don’t have your own dog, it’s fun to dream of vacationing with a cute pooch by your side! We’ve created a quiz that will let you plan the trip of your dreams and discover what type of dog should accompany you!

There’s a different dog breed for every type of adventure. Big dogs are perfect for hiking and little pups are wonderful for cuddles on the couch. Some dogs like playing in the snow and others are perfect napping under the sun. Discover what dog breed will fit your travel lifestyle through this quiz!

We hope your summer plans are everything you’ve dreamed of! Take some time off work to relax and enjoy the warmth and sun! Hopefully your pup can join you too! If you’re still dreaming of where to vacation next, this quiz is perfect for you. Click the button below to begin the quiz. Don’t forget to share your results and tell your friends to check it out too!

Plan your dream vacation, and we’ll pick a dog to join you!


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