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Tips for Taking Your Dog to Work

June 12, 2019

Bringing your dog to work is a great office perk that many companies are adopting. Before you introduce your pup to your coworkers, make sure you’re both prepared for the new environment with these five tips.

Make a plan for the commute

Whether your pup is a world traveler or has never left the comfort of their bed, it’s always smart to think ahead when it comes to transporting them. Will you take the subway, hop in the car, or walk to the office? Whatever your mode of transportation, make sure it is four-legged friendly.


Organize with other dog-lovers

Some workplaces have dedicated dog schedules to coordinate who’s bringing their pets in on which day. It’s good to know beforehand if your dog will have a playmate to make it through the 9-to-5. On the other hand, if your dog still needs to work on their social skills, you should coordinate a time when no other pups will be around.

Set up a safe space for your pup

Creating a special area can be as easy as bringing their water bowl and bed or blanket to the office. Being in a new environment can be stressful, and your pup will be relieved to have their own area in the office that feels like a little slice of home.

Bring enough treats—you’ll need them

You don’t want to be in a situation where you run out of treats with your dog in a new place. It can be challenging and scary for them, so it’s vital to show them some special love. Bringing a bag of your dog’s favorite snack will make them feel right at home in the office. Treats are also a great way to introduce your pup to coworkers.