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Fastest Westminster All-American Agility Dog Tests With Embark


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Did you watch Westminster’s Masters Agility Championship this year? If you did, you may have seen lightning-fast competitor Plop. He was the fastest All-American competitor of 2019 and a joy to watch. Let’s get to know this smart, talented guy a bit better.

Plop and Lisa

Lisa was not looking for another dog when she first laid eyes on Plop. The magic happened on Facebook, where Lisa saw Plop’s photo. She said the fur on top of his head made it look like he had a small toupee, and she thought it was hysterical.

“He was just so dopy looking, I had to call,” Lisa explained.

Plop had been at an Alabama shelter and was taken in by a Florida rescue group, Ewenity Farms, where Lisa adopted him from. The rescue told Lisa that Plop was really smart and super sweet. They also admitted that he was very hyper and didn’t have any manners. Still, Lisa couldn’t help but want to take him home. Plop was about 8-10 months old at the time.

“We were a really good match for each other,” Lisa said. “All my dogs love me, but he loved me the second he saw me — we clicked.”

Plop and crew

Plop is one of Lisa’s four dogs. She also has Schmutzy, who is the oldest; Wedgy, who is a Border Collie rescue; and her latest addition Tinkle, who is a mixed breed puppy. Tinkle is Plop’s new best friend, Lisa explained.

He may be the smallest of all the pups, but Plop is in charge of the pack.

“They let him do whatever he wants,” Lisa said of Plop and her other furry friends.

She went on to say that Plop is always on the go and constantly burning energy. He loves to play with Lisa and when she so much as picks up a ball, his entire body will start vibrating in anticipation for the game of fetch.  

Training Plop

Because Plop was overweight and rambunctious when Lisa first brought him home, she had to work on getting him trained and down to a healthier size. Right away, she taught him impulse control, manners and good behavior. Then it was time for agility; Lisa said he picked it up incredibly quickly even though he didn’t come from agility lines. Now, Plop simply loves agility and gets very excited when he sees it on television.

“Plop is very smart and he likes to be right,” Lisa said of her special guy.

She does a lot of training and foundation work right in her backyard in New York City, but it’s just big enough to fit weave polls. She also teaches agility once a week and would spend a few minutes working with Plop after class. The pair practiced there occasionally so Plop had a bigger facility to run in and could be trained to run faster through the course.

embark-all american competitor

Plop’s first time at Westminster

This year was Plop’s first at Westminster. He and Lisa spent quite a bit of time traveling to trials to get qualifications.  

Lisa said Plop is like the energizer bunny, he can’t get enough of agility. Plop could run an agility course all day long and 5 minutes later he would be ready to run it again. He ran the Westminster agility course in 37.99 seconds, making him the quickest All-American dog in the competition. The overall winner, Verb the Border Collie, clocked a time of 32.05 seconds.

Plop qualified for two world teams this year, the IFCS World Agility Championships and the World Agility Open where he will represent the US! When he is running, people often yell, “Can’t stop the Plop!” Lisa loves that he has his own catchphrase and couldn’t be more proud of her champion. Click here to watch Plop’s run at Westminster.

Can’t get enough of Plop? Us either! He tested with Embark, check out his family tree here and find out what Plop is made of. And follow the hashtag #CantStopThePlop on social media for more on this clever guy!

embark-all american winner

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